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Wilczyca - Horda

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Jewel-case CD with 16 page booklet. The two black metal purists did not rest on their laurels, on the contrary – while exploring and expanding on the very same blunt aesthetics, and applying the very same hideous, deceptively low-fi sound, they actually confirm and take advantage of their creative potential, imagination, skills and ideas. More importantly, the two enigmatic, undercover black metal mercenaries continue what they started with their very first release – maniacal, freezing cold and aggressive, sheer second wave black metal the way it was spawned to be! Most extreme, powerful, deathly, devilishly atmospheric and appealing creation to date. Wailing, berserker vocals, seething riffs, throat-cutting chords, lunatically rabid and wicked solos, skull-splitting bass work and pounding drums take the listener on a savage hell of a ride into the fathomless realms of black metal darkness and evil. Whether untamedly galloping at full speed or solemnly striding like a funeral procession, Wilczyca delivers pure black metal at its finest, drowning it in disturbing ambience and nightmarish soundscapes, leaving nothing but scorched earth and dead bodies behind, spreading the essence of black metal!