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Uncertainty Principle - Sonic Terror

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Digipack CD. Introducing Sonic Terror by Uncertainty Principle, the original project by UK blackened noise artist A. White, known for acts like Vessel of Iniquity and Crown of Ascension. Uncertainty Principle dates back as far as 1995 and it's been most prolific in the early 2000s, releasing ten albums in the span of six years, before being put on hold until 2019. Unlike Vessel of Iniquity's chaotic blasting black metal noise, Uncertainty Principle focuses on one of the heaviest doom metal you will ever hear, mixing harsh noise, funeral doom, sludge and drone, like an extreme hybrid between Godflesh and Halo (Australian doom band). Sonic Terror takes tracks spanning Uncertainty Principle's whole career, deconstructing and rebuilding them from the ground up, with an updated, improved sound and a more straightforward approach, closer to death-doom and sludge. Crushing slow riffs collapse under slabs of noise, while filtered manic screams pierce the listeners' ears.

Recommended for fans of: Godflesh, Halo, American, Neurosis, Hybernoid.