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Tugt - Ved Lysets Ophør

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Digipack CD with 6-panel design and matte finish, with black-backed disc, limited to 100  hand-numbered copies.

Onism Productions proudly presents Tugt, the solo project from Skoggangr of Ildskær, Í Myrkri and Genfærd fame.

"Ved Lysets Ophør" is Tugt's debut album, over 8 years in the making and containing nearly an hour of powerful Danish black metal with a personal and depressive edge. Born from dark and disorderly times, the seven songs each exude their own emotive atmosphere. Diverse anguished screams overlay harsh guitars and pounding drums to create a thick darkness that moves with varying energies and pace. Whilst sometimes treading familiar black metal paths, Tugt is much more of a personal outlet for negativity, one that meanders through the surrounding undergrowth as it needs.

"Ved Lysets Ophør" releases on February 11th, on limited edition CD and all digital channels via Onism Productions, with a cassette edition being simultaneously released by Virkelighedsfjern.