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Tomb Snail – Cosmic Dreamquest

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- Limited to 20 hand-dubbed and hand-stickered pitch black Type I DIY cassettes with hand-printed, hand-cut, one panel, black and white, double-sided J-cards. There is one variant cover, shiny concrete.

As he followed along the endless trail in to impenetrable darkness, Lord Slime was soon lost. This path could take him to freedom, free from the confines of this accursed tomb, free from the eternal insanity and loneliness. Or would this path simply lead to death? With no intent of turning back he must carry on. Through the slime, through the blackened tunnels and to wherever his destiny leads.
In the blindness of total darkness Lord Slime can no longer tell left from right, north from south or even if he is alive at all. He could swear he was dreaming, or was this simply death leading him to the next life? Without a clue of his fate Lord Slime carries on and on and on. Through realms of unknowing and destiny. To seal his fate.

Cosmic Dreamquest is the sequel to Tomb Snail’s debut demo. Swapping the simplistic and somber melodies of the self titled release for the psychedelic minimalism of drone and the crushing power of harsh noise wall this is the soundtrack to Lord Slime’s epic ascent out of the accused tomb and to whereever his destiny takes him next.