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Thermohaline - Maelström

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Digipack CD with lyric booklet.

With the surging power of their progressively minded black metal, Thermohaline summon up the secrets of the hidden depths and ride upon the cold winds that rage across the seas. They celebrate the ancient halls beyond the faintest glimpse of light and revel in the terrors that stalk the tales of babbling madmen and old sailors who have long forgotten the feel of earth beneath their feet. Bringing together the exceptional talents of Lennart Janssen (Druon Antigon), Ignacio Elias Rosner (IER, Uroboros) and Nuno Lourenço (Salqiu, 0-NUN) this unique project captures moments of beauty, moments of sanity-shaking fear and the essence of the incredible might of the oceans that encircle our planet. Myths, mystery and overwhelming science collide in an enthralling, consuming, atmospheric creation. Thermohaline preserve the cold heart of black metal whilst crashing against its banks and flooding its many tributaries, dragging strange debris and unexpected treasures back into its chill waters. The results are both stunning and utterly remarkable, a new vision for black metal which the musicians themselves refer to as ‘nautical dementia’. Infused with emotion, rife with melody, yearningly familiar and yet shockingly alien...the waters of the Maelström await you.

Slipped into the consciousness of the few via an unpromoted digital release in January, Onism Productions are now about to launch this mighty vessel of marvels on CD on March 26th. As precious as pearls and as unpredictable as the tides, Maelström will steal your heart and leave you forever enchanted by the legends of the sea. Thermohaline are a truly special band, an elemental force that once heard can never be forgotten.