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Theomachia - The Theosophist (Tape)

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Blue pro-cassette tape limited to 50 copies, program repeats on both sides. Includes download code.

Onism Productions, in cooperation with Xenoglossy Productions, are glad to announce "The Theosophist", the debut EP from Italian one man band THEOMACHIA.
Hailing from Rome, the Eternal City, THEOMACHIA is a project born from the mind of their sole member F.M., debuting with a short EP featuring a peculiar style defined as "gnostic black metal". Taking inspiration from Norwegian black metal bands (like early Ulver and Emperor), THEOMACHIA creates hypnotic and mid-tempo songs, with a ceremonial and majestic aura. The EP also features some peculiar clean vocals by F.M. influenced by new wave and post-punk, giving the EP a rather unique sound.

Regarding lyrical themes, "The Theosophist" references elements of Greek philosophy (ranging from Socrates to Neoplatonism), revisiting them within a black metal frame and from an individual point of view.

Tape edition by Xenoglossy Productions limited to 50 copies on blue shells.
Digipak edition by Onism Productions limited to 100 copies on blue-backed CDs.

For fans of: Emperor, Ulver, Batushka, The Sisters of Mercy.