The Sombre - Shapeless Misery

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Special Digipak Edition including lyrics. Strictly limited to 100 copies.

“Shapeless Misery” is the second full length by Doom / Death project THE SOMBRE.
A momentous and sorrowful album, in the vein of the Doom / Death pioneers of the early Nineties, and a masterfully heavy sonic achievement wrought with pain and despair.

THE SOMBRE is another great offspring coming from the prolific mind of Maurice De Jong, who is already behind illustrious projects such as Gnaw Their Tongues, The Night Spector, HAGETISSE and Golden Ashes, just to mention a few.

THE SOMBRE’s new album is hypnotically haunting and bleak, dark and ominous, however also enriched by a palpable gothic presence from start to finish.
Combining monstrously downtuned and heavy riffs with shrieking vocals howling painful litanies in an agonising anguish, “Shapeless Misery” is a mid-paced masterpiece of melancholic and raw beauty.

FFO: My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost.