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Svpremacist - Meaningless Death

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There’s black thrash metal… and then there is Black Fuck You Metal. Serving as both a demo title and a mission statement in its own right, this slogan is a succinct encapsulation of Svpremacist’s no-nonsense misanthropic cynicism. Since their formation in 2017, this Israeli 4-piece consistently delivers hateful and abrasive metal that recalls the sensibilities of Sarcofago, Vulcano, Darkthrone, and Aura Noir. Loved by local punks, thrashers, and fans of extreme metal alike, Svpremacist will undoubtedly appeal to anyone who seeks out the high-octane and overtly evil.

Rather than succumbing to the temptations of their genre’s occultish tendencies, Svpremacist keep their lyrical content rooted in a tangible morbid nihilism. Their sonic approach is similarly down-to-earth--rather than fixating on the cold precision of a perfect take, Svpremacist prefers the energy of a fiery mosh-worthy performance ripped unceremoniously from black metal’s primordial days. The furious guitars on their forthcoming album, as a prime example, were recorded using 5150 iii and JCM-900 amps with old pedal effects. It’s a simple formula. In their words: “no digital bullshit!”

Svpremacist’s 4-track debut demo, the aformentioned Black Fuck You Metal, was released in 2018 through local label Orgasmatron Records. A second demo entitled Book Burner was recorded and released that same year, and the compilation appearance single No Life Matters followed a year later. This year will see the release of Svpremacist’s anticipated debut full-length, Meaningless Death, out November 5th via Repose Records. Beyond the addition of bassist Hell A.D., nothing has fundamentally changed since their inception. Svpremacist remain as possessed by contemptuous heresy as they were on their first outing. Indeed, says the band in regards to Meaningless Death’s thematic and lyrical foundation: “Death is an icon and reflection of your own panic of losing whatever it is you grasp on to in order to feel alive – your reeking pile of dogma and lies like spirituality, identity, and self. You are nothing!”

Much like their musical approach, their philosophy isn’t what we might consider subtle. After all, Svpremacist aren’t exactly known for their subtlety.