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Surturs Lohe – Wielandstahl

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Digipack CD inside die-cut outer sleeve! Releases September 24th!

On „Wielandstahl“ Surturs Lohe present nine songs, that could not be more epic and primeval. This is old school Thuringian Pagan Metal. High velocity riffing is contrasted with mighty choirs and folky use of the flute embellishes acoustic guitar arrangements, reminiscent of early works of Ulver. Lyrically „Wielandstahl“ is an interpretation of the story of Wieland, the blacksmith. Produced by mastermind Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Sun Of The Sleepless) at Klangschiede E Studio, the album embraces you with a warm, cozy sound. Shir-Ran Yinon (Haggard) and Stephan Löscher (Fjoergyn) are featured as guest musicians.