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Spider God - Fly In The Trap (LP)

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- Black LP
- 12 page lyric & art booklet

The time has finally come for the debut full length album of original material from the entity that is Spider God. After three EPs, four split releases and one groundbreaking and critically acclaimed collection of pop covers – each one injected with Spider God’s transformative venom – the waiting is over. Whatever you thought you knew about Spider God, the book is about to be rewritten with the release of Fly In The Trap, a stunning concept album of melodic black metal armed with a hardcore punch and a genuinely unique creativity and musicality.

Fly In The Trap dives into the mysteries, the conspiracy theories and the underlying tragedy that surround the story of Elisa Lam, the young woman who struggled with bi-polar disorder and was found dead in the rooftop water tank of her LA hotel in 2013. The overwhelming and yet intoxicatingly addictive music of Spider God is the perfect medium to tell this strange tale of missing moments and unanswered questions. With songs like the blazing, haunting ‘A Thousand Lonely Spiders’ you are drawn down into a spiral of madness, sucked into a warped dream world where nothing is at it seems or should be. Shadowy guest contributions from Revenant Marquis, Rope Sect and A Forest Of Stars have added their own touch of chaos magic to Fly In The Trap and the devastating drum attack was laid down by Patrick Murphy (Mountain Man) at God City Studios (Converge, High On Fire, Kvelertak etc). Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Abazagorath, Dödsrit, Wolven etc) at Dead Air Studios every majestically unnerving facet of this sonic gem gleams with poise and power.