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Sea Mosquito - Igitur (Book)

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The "Igitur" book available individually.
Comes with digital download of the album.
50+ page pro-printed paperback book with color art and originaly illustrations.

Onism Productions proudly presents "Igitur", a highly ambitious new album from Sea Mosquito, the underground's finest purveyors of unorthodox black metal. More than an adventurous audio recording, "Igitur" is accompanied by a compelling short story complete with original art and illustrations...

Between 17.03.2021 and 02.08.2022 contact between London and the outside world was cut.
All forms of communication, both electronic and physical, were disabled, including transport via road, air and the river Thames.
Agents who attempted to enter the area were unable to do so. They walked until exhaustion without making any visible progress. Several described a feeling of being lost or “walking without reaching anywhere.” Civilians who evaded the security perimeter to attempt the journey elicited similar statements upon their return.

Due to the scarcity of drone and satellite imagery on account of static interference, illustrations have been provided by Specimen #09. Specimen #09 is an individual in our custody who has provided pivotal intelligence through his drawings. He claims to depict visions of people, events and phenomena relating to the incident. So far, his intelligence has not been in doubt.