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Moonlight Sorcery - Nightwind: The Conqueror From The Stars (CD)

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Jewelcase CD with 12 pages booklet .

Moonlight Sorcery, the Finnish symphonic black metal sensation of 2022, is back with a new mini album featuring three brand-new tracks and a cover.

While hard at work on their debut studio album, Loitsumestari Taikakallo, Haaska and Ruttomieli took a divergent path that brought them to compose and record what would become Nightwind: The Conqueror From The Stars. This has been one of the best kept secrets of 2022, but now the time has come to unveil the new spells which have been conjured in the magical dungeons of Moonlight Sorcery.

Nightwind is in every aspect the follow-up to the acclaimed debut EP Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity, which means an illuminating, blasting example of how symphonic black metal from the ‘90s can be composed and performed three decades later without losing an ounce of its urgency and fascination. And magic. And malice. And evil.