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Mavrodaglaria - Avars

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Onism Productions is proud to release the CD edition of "Avars" by Mavrodaglaria; a mysterious unknown entity writing raw yet atmospheric black metal inspired by the Caucasus Mountain region.

"Cacophonous, cavernous raw atmosphere that channels the spectres of Black Cilice and Pa Vesh En among many other devout forms, in its unyielding veneration and merciless coalescence of the ancient currents of obsidian energy black metal."

This is a limited release digipack with black-backed CDs. The cassette is already available through Babylon Doom Cult Records, who will also release the album on vinyl soon.

Buy digital: https://mavrodaglaria.bandcamp.com/album/avars
Buy tape: https://babylondoomcultrecords.bandcamp.com/album/avars