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Laetitia in Holocaust - I Fall with the Saints

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“I fall with the saints” is the new upcoming EP by Avantgarde Black Metal band LEATITIA IN HOLOCAUST

The new EP will feature 2 new songs as well as a new sinister take on a song from their 2009 “The Tortoise Boat”.
This release is also much more than just an EP, as it will celebrate a significant milestone for LIH since 2021 marks the band’s 20th Anniversary.

LIH need no introductions: they have proven to be always ahead of their time, and have done so time and time again since the initial inception in 2001.
“I Fall With The Saints” is therefore not only a call to celebrate their endurance and acknowledge their perseverance, but also a further testimony to the outstanding legacy of the band.

Expect everything we have all come to love about LIH: incredibly inventive Black Metal with a unique vision and an unmatched delivery, a penchant for sophistication and experimentalism in its truest form, slaying and cold guitar riffs, outstanding lyrics, impeccable drumming and their signature fretless bass.

LIH always stood out – always standing up, together.
An anomaly amidst the fleeting traces left in the sand and blown away by the ever-changing winds of fortunes sweeping the underground music scene nowadays.
In a desert of countless bands that have disbanded and reunited throughout the years, LIH always stood up together, always standing out.