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Krvvla - E / T

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Pro Tape with extended J-Card
Super Limited Edition of 50

“E / T '' is a release by Belorussian Dissonant Post-Black Metal KRVVLA.

Originally self released in digital format respectively in 2018 and 2019, “E” and “T” are now being re-issued on a very limited run of tapes containing one EP on each side.

Much like it was the case for the critically acclaimed late full length album “X” (2022) - hailed by the critics as “a masterpiece” and “an overpowering maelstrom of dissonance and devastation”, the two EPs “E” and “T” both a fantastic showcase of all of Krvvla’s trademarks: a fantastic sense of inventiveness and talent, mixing an abundance of dense atmospheres with sheer hypnotizing terror in sonic form.

Expect glacial riffs rotating like rusty blades at full speed, viscerally claustrophobic and dissonant atmospheres, manic post-hardcore fury and Krvvla’s very own blackgaze sensibility: aggressive, caustic and monumentally grim.

FFO: Krallice, Au-Dessus, Der Weg Einer Freiheit