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Kharàce - Dakhalè (LP)

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Limited edition 12" black vinyl LP, comes with an insert with lyrics and additional artwork. Edition of 100. 

KHARÀCE's debut full length is named "Dakhalè" and both moniker and album title are written in Pantelleria's own dialect (meaning 'exit' and 'entrance' respectively), which is deeply influenced by Arabic language (the island has been an Arabian settlement from 700 AD to 1123).

"Kharàce" also refers to a cape in the northeastern section of the island, while "Dakhalè" is the name of a 'dammuso' (an Arabic-style building which is peculiar to Pantelleria).

The album tracks are five enigmas about hidden and lesser known landmarks of the island, like a metaphorical treasure hunt set amongst Pantelleria's winding roads.
"Dakhalè" favors atmosphere musically, with slow/mid-tempo riffing sometimes reminiscent of post-rock, and some ambient passages, like the ending section of the majestic title track, which is played on bass using a bow, or the guitar feedback at the end of "Sillùmi" (meaning 'stairway'). Nevertheless, there are some furious, blastbeating moments, like on "Sciràfi" (meaning 'balcony') and "Kharàce".

For fans of: Black Cilice, Candelabrum, Carved Cross, Vetala.