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Inherits The Void - The Impending Fall Of The Stars

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The Impending Fall Of The Stars is intended to be the evolutionary continuity of Monolith Of Light, Inherits The Void’s debut album released in 2021.

Despite this continuity, however, the album tends to be more melodic, leaning towards the black metal scene of the ‘90s, particularly the Swedish one (Sacramentum, Dawn, Vinterland) while still infusing modern influences from bands such as Regarde Les Hommes Tomber and even elements taken from the first wave of melodic death metal (early Ablaze My Sorrows, Eucharist, Gates Of Ishtar and the likes).

“The Impending Fall Of The Stars was composed as a faithful mirror of my initial and all-time musical tastes and influences. The involvement of session members - with their own feelings and sensibilities - proved rewarding and made it possible to reach the final rendering as it is proposed”, said Inherits The Void composer and mastermind Antoine Scholtès.

“The nine songs revolve around people migrations from very ancient ages to current times, considering the hopes, the dangers, and the loneliness from all of them during their wandering. All these emotions have permeated the composition of the songs in order to obtain music in which rage, chaos, melancholy, sadness and hopes are mixed together”.