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In Tears - Stars Caught Tonight (CD)

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CD in 4-panel Digipack with 8-page booklet.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Becerra ||

The anonymous entity operating as In Tears self-released this crushing piece of music in September 2022.

On its surface, "Stars Caught Tonight" runs along an unlikely marriage between the ecstatic melancholy of Sadness and the visceral, enchanted doom-gaze taught to the world by Jesu.

But that's not enough for In Tears, who adds to this foundation his own peculiar take on post-depressive-BM, a tour de force of raw and hopeless instincts, intense as much as they're REAL.

Yet there's hope, somewhere, here. In loss, or memories. Or both.

"Call it by its name, nausea unlike anything in this world,
Suffer to transcend, brings you to the edge of heaven
Before we float, our angels will burn us away."