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Heretoir - Wastelands (LP)

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Black vinyl LP in gatefold with printed innersleeve.

6 years after their highly acclaimed album "The Circle", Heretoir release the new mini-album „Wastelands“, which contains 3 new tracks that take the listener on an intense journey.

Starting with the raging „Anima“ - the track deals with the urge to free yourself from the iron shackles society puts on us humans. Our true inner potential is kept surpressed by 24-7 pressure to perform and numbing consumerism. „Anima“ can be understood as a scream to „free your mind and live your life to the fullest".

„At dusk“ transports the listener towards a bleak end with the crushing „Wastelands“ that deals with the destruction of our source of life – planet earth. Humans seem to have a „suicidal urge“ to destroy what keeps us alive.
The song is a requiem on the downfall of the human race.

The release is rounded off by 3 studio live recordings of Heretoir's most well-known and successful tracks from the previous album "The Circle".

"Wastelands" is a mini-album that might make you question the status quo.