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Fen Walker - Fare Thee Well Battle Winds

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- Purple & Black swirl
- Gatefold sleeve
- Matte finish

Ur is under invasion by the technologically advanced forces of the Hegemony. Woja, a woman who has embraced the traditions of her mother's people, despite her hegemonic upbringing, must go on a quest to find an ancient treasure and form a war pact with the long-dead and villainous NecroKhan.

Soja, a woman shaken to her core by her past experiences on the island, must return as Battlemaster of the Hegemonic war host. This time to conquer her mother's people and prove her worth to her father, the Jarl of the Hegemony.

Will sisters spill each other's blood into the snow? Will the newly risen NecroKhan hold true to his word? Will the power-hungry war host of the north be driven back?