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Derhead - The Grey Zone Phobia

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Special 6 panels digipack CD edition
Limited to 100 copies worldwide

“The Grey Zone Phobia” is the fifth release by Avantgarde Black Metal project DERHEAD.

After the critically acclaimed “Irrational I”, Derhead is back with its very own distinctive take on Avantgarde Black Metal, this time contaminated by an incredibly heterogeneous range of sounds spacing from Doom / Gothic Metal to what Satyricon released during the Rebel Extravaganza era.

Much like with the precedent EP, “The Grey Zone Phobia” offers a meditation about the contrasting nature of our place within the cogwheels of time, leading us to contemplate the contrast between reality and our inner self, and between memories and dreams.
Lyrics draw inspiration from various sources including the work by analytic philosophers such as Henri Bergson, relativity studies and fuzzy logic, and far from proposing ready-made answers they in fact underline the complexity of our existence, inviting us to go beyond the apparent dichotomy of black and white and on to face the “grey area”, which ultimately is life itself.

The fantastic original artwork made by Cesare Bignotti (who also lent his vision to the previous two releases of Derhead) further expands upon the main themes of the album: images have been taken with a long exposure technique similar to what was used with Dadaist and Futurist photography, and films developed without any artificial effects in post-production, in order to tell an honest and transparent story about the place we as human beings occupy within the abstract instance known as Time.

“The Grey Zone Phobia” is a multifaceted album that does not try to be forcibly eccentric, but flows effortlessly mixing raw and aggressive riffs with the epic grandeur of more sophisticated and slower parts, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats for its whole duration.

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