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Botgörelsen - Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet (CD)

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Onism Productions proudly presents "Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet", the debut album of one-man Swedish black metal project Botgörelsen.

Originally unveiled by the artist a year ago, we now give physical form to this incredibly creative take on the genre. Combining traditional Scandinavian sounds with more modern depressive and experimental elements, yet bound in a heathen atmosphere, Botgörelsen present a unique and emotive work not to be missed.

"Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet" is already available in full digitially, with CDs and limited cassette tapes ready for pre-order to arrive this coming summer solstice.

For fans of Shining, Leviathan, Armagedda, Grey Aura.