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Ancestral Volkhves ‎– Perun Do Vas !!!

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Jewelcase CD. 

Ruthenian black metal from the eastern Slovakia featuring Masha of Russian Arkona on clean vocals. Originally released on CD by Sound Age Productions in 2008. Digitally released by Tryzna prod. on 12.1.2016 with new front cover artwork by Folkingrimm Arts and a bonus track "S Siloju Ja Horju (With Strength I Burn) - Emperor Cover" which originally appeared on "Official Tribute to Emperor: In Honour of Icon E" released by Tryzna Production in 2012.

Translation of the album title: "Perun Into You!!!"

Translation of the song titles:

1. And the ruins talk when time is silent
2. Our haunt is in sword's shadow
3. Perun strike you!!!
4. Daughter of night
5. Beskides dont fall asleep in Nav
6. Forest glade
7. Birth of glory
8. Heart calls towards the stars
9. We are the Slavs!!!
10.... Them into the dark (ancestral burial ritual)

Graphics done by Samuel "Samos" Čársky of Folkingrimm Art.